The Following is a short introduction to our game.

COW vs COW 1.0

Created by:

Lindsay Bernath
Daniel Darmon

v1.0: Dec 5th, 2003

--== Moo ==--

Simply execute the self-extracting .exe file. This will ask you where to extract the files to - either specify a folder or create a new one.

Once extracted ("installed") navigate to that folder and launch "Cow vs Cow.exe".



Distribution of this game is allowed, but only in the unaltered self-extracting form found here or at one of our personal web sites.

The game can be found in the
downloads section.

This file (INTRODUCTION.txt) must remain unchanged and be included with the game.


And Finally,


You are a cow.

You have the ability to move around, to jump and to headbutt.

Your owner has sent you on a mission to steal as much hay as is bovinely possible from the surrounding farms. Unfortunately, another farm owner has heard about your plan, and has sent one of his cows to do the same.

Your goal is to explore the region around you farm, gather bales of hay, and return them to your barn. You must break the gates guarding other farms in order to get into them. One of the other farms belongs to your opponent. If you break into his farm, you can steal hay from his barn. But be warned, he can do the same to you.

You can use your headbutt to break the gates to other farms. The headbutt power meter will indicate your current reserve of headbutts until exhaustion.

The meter will regenerate over time until it reaches 100%.

The gate to your own farm will open for you. If your opponent breaks open your gate, you can lock it again by returning to it.

If you headbutt your opponent, you will stun him for several seconds. Doing this will also allow you to steal the hay he is carrying. You can only carry up to 10 bales of hay, though, and he'll keep what you cannot take with you.

Your farmer has supplied you with some special hormones that give you special abilities, which you can find dispersed on the map. He has also given you some syringes containing hormones with negative side effects which you can use as a weapon against the other cow. If you are carrying one of these, you can inject it into your opponents by touching him. If he headbutts you, however, your syringe will break, rendering it useless.

You can jump over rocks and some fences, and any other obstacles that are low enough.

The rivers around your farm are shallow enough for you to wade through, but they will slow you down.

So, you know what to do - good luck.


What are you waiting for?! Go grab someone to play against and start moo-ing!


Bernath & Darmon